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Garrigues began in 1941. Since then, our lawyers have achieved a huge reputation in the professional services sector. In 1997, Garrigues merged with Arthur Andersen, legal advisors and tributaries (ALT), making it one of the largest and most influential firms of Europe. In 2002, after the disappearance of the Andersen World Wide network, Garrigues opted to maintain its independence and began a new phase marked by an entrepreneurial character and a global vision that have made the firm leader in the world of law.

PMG lawyers was founded in 1987 as a result of the international merger of firms member of Peat Marwick Internacional and Klynveld Manil Goerdeler. Years earlier began its journey in Spain. In October 1971, set in Madrid and Barcelona the firm of Peat, Marwick, Michael & Co. Only two years later, creates the Department of tax from the firm, founded by the American Cuban Juan Rodríguez, who came from Peat Marwick in Florida. Santos Seseña was the first Spanish partner in the tax area.

In 1978, the firm Alonso de Rojas, through which legal services are delivered to customers, being pioneered by being the first among the big six provide those services is created. And in 1979 is named Teresa Alonso partner at Peat, Marwick, Michael & Co, being the first woman with this role at the firm in Europe. Second place would be in 1983 Mercedes de Rojas.

2015-06-19_015246Deloitte, the matrix, was born in 1833 and since then has traveled a path that has led him to be present in 150 countries with 700 offices. Deloitte lawyers was born in that way. It is part of the firm of Deloitte professional services with presence in Spain for more than 40 years. His activity as legal and tax advisers has evolved from the hand of the leading companies in the country that advises. 600 professionals make up the structure in Spain.

advice and tax planning, customs and Excise, excise, taxation in international movements of people / tax competition, European law, and personal real estate and construction. Urban planning, labor law and social security, litigation and arbitration, administrative law, data protection, new technologies, corporate and commercial law, prevention of money laundering, straight bankruptcy, criminal, tax procedure and family business.…